Naomi Suzuki

Music, like many other forms of art, is both difficult and challenging to take on. Anybody who aspires to be a musician is born with the qualities of becoming one naturally, and like every other goal, hard work is a given.

NAOMI SUZUKI is a multitalented model, actress, singer, presenter, producer, and songwriter with her personal yet universal style that will, If there is any justice in the world, allow her to become the first modern day Japanese female artist to seriously penetrate the European charts. A documentary film about her was broadcast on BBC TV.

Naomi performs at various big events in the UK. Naomi hit #12 on the UK dance chart. In addition to her solo career, she is active with the band AJ Unity, and her single “Jupiter” from the album “Sweet Roses” (2012) ranked 14th in the US radio charts and held 1st place across 1400 other radio stations worldwide for three consecutive weeks, as voted for by listeners. And is active in both Europe and the US. 
Two singles recently released called "Harder and Faster” and "Pray for you 2021” also hit No1 position of Kings of Spins.

Naomi Suzuki’s charity work

Naomi believes in the power of music, and that is why she has been contributing to society for the last 10 years. Her passion for charity work did not stop even once she got very ill health around the time of the 2011 Japanese tsunami disaster, as the talented songwriter overcame her condition and “resumed her activities with renewed vigour” after seeing the suffering from the Japanese. She went on to release a double A-side charity single from which all proceeds were given to the disaster area, and she also collaborated with the disaster victims in writing the song ‘Home’, allowing those affected to express their feelings to the world.


Naomi organised charity gigs with the support of fellow Japanese musicians who share her concern for the welfare of “the scores of orphans and disadvantaged children left behind by the disaster”. The singer also became the first Japanese singer to perform at the Houses of Parliament on March 5th, 2015, where she gave a rousing performance at the Memorial Concert of Japan’ Earthquake and Tsunami. The concert, which marked the 4th anniversary of the disaster, was a great success that drew attention from the Japanese press and media.